If you want to see past auctions, when you are on first page of the items listing, right below Meadows Online Auction (upper left corner) click “current auctions” In the middle of the “next” page there will be a drop down menu, click on that. You may then view either “All, Current, Past, or Future Auction”. A future auction would be one that I am working on, but have not made “live” or published until inventory is complete.

To view all your invoices, you must first be logged in with your bidder number. In upper right corner beside your initials and bid number, there is a drop down menu. Click on arrow button, then click on “View Profile”. a new window will open. In the middle of the page click on “Invoices”. On right hand side where it says “Action”, click on that. You will then download your invoice in form of pdf file. I would download the summary invoice instead of the detailed (if you want to print it out- if you just want to view invoice- makes no difference which one you download)

Once logged into website, click on your bid number (with your initials), a drop down menu appears, click on “view watch list”

Log into your PayPal account, click on “Pay & Get Paid”, send invoice amount to my email @ bidtoomebydm@aol.com